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The Power of Clary Sage

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Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) History: The Romans called it sclarea, from claurus, or “clear,” because they used it as an eyewash. The practice of German merchants of adding clary and elder flowers to Rhine wine to make it imitate a good Muscatel was so common that Germans still call the herb Muskateller Salbei and the English know it as Muscatel Sage. Clary sometimes replaced hops in beer to produce an enhanced state of intoxication and exhilaration, although this reportedly was often followed by a severe headache. It was considered a 12th century aphrodisiac.-Susun Weed In Jamaica, it was used among...

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Essential Oil Profile: Clary Sage

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Clary Sage Latin Name: Salvia sclarea Family: Lamiaceae(Labiatae) Plant Part: Flower/buds,sometimes leaves Method: Distillation Note/Element: Note:Top/ Middle. Element: Wood. Functional Groups: Alcohol, Ester Type: Euphoric Ayurvedic Dosha (Balances): Vata, Pita, Kapha Scent: Hay-like, herbaceous,tea-like,bitter-sweet floral, musky For Skin Type: Oily, Mature Cautions: Not during pregnancy, not w/alcohol use. Avoid w/estrogen dependent conditions such as endometriosis, cysts, and cancers. Physical Uses: Menstrual cramps, menopause, amenorrhea(an abnormal absence of menstruation), labor, indigestion, sore muscles, dandruff, digestion, lower blood pressure, headache relief Mental/Emotional Uses: PMS, depression, stress, tension, postpartum depression, inspiration Other Uses: Aphrodisiac, alcohol addiction Blends Well With: Flowers, peel- Bay, bergamot,...

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Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

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Cybopogon nardus /Cybopogon winterianus The citronella plant is a grass, there are two species or varieties, usually from South Asia. Their Latin names are Cybopogon nardus and the Java variety Cybopogon winterianus. Lemongrass is their cousin, Cymbopogon flexuosus. Knowing a plants Latin name is very important. Let me tell you why. The plant that you purchase from the garden center is Pelargonian citrosum or citrosa geranium also known as the mosquito plant. It is ineffective against mosquitoes, sorry but it smells great. The next time you're in the garden center looking for plants that repel mosquitoes look for the genus...

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Essential Oil Profile: Cistus (Labdanum , Rock Rose)

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Essential Oils Profile: Cistus (Labedamum , Rock Rose Latin Name: Cistus ladaniferus Family: Cistaceae Plant Part: Leaves Method:Distillation Typical Country: Portugal, Spain Note/Element: Note:Middle/Base. Elements: Metal Functional Groups: Terpene, alcohol, ester, phenol, aldehyde, keytone Type: Relaxing Ayurvedic Dosha( Balances): Vata, Pitta Scent: Sweet,herbaceous, floral overtones, warm, amber For Skin Type: Dry, mature, sensitive Cautions: Do Not Use During Pregnancy Physical Uses: Cuts, slows bleeding in cuts, paper cuts, scars, mature skin, colds, flu,       cough Mental/Emotional Uses: Nervousness, insomnia, trauma, anxiety, PMS/PMT, adictions, aromatherapy 's "rescue remedy",soothing, calming, meditative Other Uses: Combine with Rosa rubiginosa for mature skin, fine lines, scars...

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Renewal: The state of being made new, fresh, or strong again. The state of being renewed. Happy New Year! Is it too late to still wish everyone a happy 2015? This is my first blog of the year so I think it's apropos. As I was writing down notes for my first blog of the year, a few important dates came to mine, August 15, 2012 and December 6, 2010. The year I received my aromatherapy certification 2012 and the year I started L's Naturals  2010. While I was creating new lotions, perfume mist & massage oils for my aromatherapy certification...

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