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Cistus (Labdanum, Rock Rose)

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The Therapeutic Benefits Of Cistus ladaniferus Physical (BODY) Antiviral Antibacterial Helps in healing skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, infections...) Toning & Tightening(the skin) Good for mature skin Helps with pain Known for it support the respiratory system Psychological/emotional (Mind & Spirit) Soothing, calming Quiets the mind Meditative Cistus is considered one of the ancient spiritual oils with a history of being used in incense as an aid to meditation and centering. Many authorities believe that Cistus is the “Rose of Sharon” mentioned in the bible.                                                                            photos from Fordville gardens Grounding Uplifting Cistus stimulates the five senses- touch, smell, taste,...

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Essential Oil Profile: Cistus (Labdanum , Rock Rose)

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Essential Oils Profile: Cistus (Labedamum , Rock Rose Latin Name: Cistus ladaniferus Family: Cistaceae Plant Part: Leaves Method:Distillation Typical Country: Portugal, Spain Note/Element: Note:Middle/Base. Elements: Metal Functional Groups: Terpene, alcohol, ester, phenol, aldehyde, keytone Type: Relaxing Ayurvedic Dosha( Balances): Vata, Pitta Scent: Sweet,herbaceous, floral overtones, warm, amber For Skin Type: Dry, mature, sensitive Cautions: Do Not Use During Pregnancy Physical Uses: Cuts, slows bleeding in cuts, paper cuts, scars, mature skin, colds, flu,       cough Mental/Emotional Uses: Nervousness, insomnia, trauma, anxiety, PMS/PMT, adictions, aromatherapy 's "rescue remedy",soothing, calming, meditative Other Uses: Combine with Rosa rubiginosa for mature skin, fine lines, scars...

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