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Health Benefits of Chamomile

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Chamomile Roman-Anthemis Nobilis Antiseptic & Antibiotic Anti-inflammatory Brings a sense of calmness Helps with Colic Depression Earaches Headaches Insect Bites Lowers Blood Pressure Supports Liver Supports Digestion Helps Rheumatism & Arthritis Great for the Skin Reduces Pain in Muscles and Joints Great for children issues & many more......... As you can see Chamomile should be apart of every house hold,  it's especially good for children. AromaAngie References: Disclaimer This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any...

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Merry Christmas! L's Naturals

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Essential Oil Profile:Chamomile blue

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Chamomile Blue Chamomilla matricaria Latin Name: Chamomilla matricaria (Matricaria recutita) Family: Asteraceae(Compostitae) Method: Distillation Plant Part: Blossoms Note/Element: Note: Middle  Element: Wood. Functional Groups: Sesquiterpene (high in Chamazulene), Oxide, Alcohol, Coumarin Type: Relaxing Ayurveda Dosha: Vata, Pitta Scent: Floral, Herbaceous, Sweet For Skin types: Sensitive,Dry Cautions: Not during pregnancy. Not for those with Ragweed allergy: contact dermatitis or severe breathing problems could occur. DO NOT use if a chamomile allergy is suspected. Physical Uses: Rash, acne, skin inflammation, and joint pain. Menstrual or stomach cramps, indigestion, insomnia, Soothes labor pains. PMS/PMT,fades scars and spots. Mental Emotional Uses: Depression, anxiety, stress,...

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The Pope Said Today


"What about you ?" Pope 16th said to Katharine Drexel

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The Prairie Tea Plant And My Great-Grandmother Ruth

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Prairie Tea Croton monanthogynus Michx. My aunts and uncle said her name was Ruth Alice Daleria Salili Jane Tucker. She taught them her entire name as children and said "never forget it". We assumed it was the   name of her slave grandmothers, our family history. She was born in Oxford, Alabama to William (part Choctaw) and Alice Tucker. She moved to Dallas,Texas and married Charlie H. Smith. The dates are questionable that's why they aren't noted. Sadly this is the way it is in African-American families,we sometimes had to move around a lot. She passed away when I was 13,...

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