Therapeutic Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

Why Carrot Seed Oil Should Be In Every Household

  • Purifying effect on the liver and digestive systems.
  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Fights stress and exhaustion
  • Assist in cell growth and rejuvenation
  • Boost respiratory tract
  • Body detox
  • Helps in the manufacturing of red blood cells
  • Purifies the circulatory, digestive and excretory systems, removes toxins from the body
  • Helps expel gases from the intestines
  • Current research has shown helps with curing some cancers, especially mouth, throat, stomach, prostate and kidney.
  • Eliminates worms from intestines
  • It tones the entire body
  • Improves eye sight
  • Fights viral infections
  • It clears away negative energy
  • Natural sun protection, the SPF is around 35
  • Stimulates brain function
  • Stimulates circulation
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Hello Matt, carrot seed oil can be purchased online, make sure the company selling the oils is reputable. Remember you get what you pay for. Also caution must be taken essential oils are very strong the must be diluted. 2% is the norm about 12 drops per ounce of carrier (what you’re diluting it in) It could be almond, coconut or olive etc. Never take essential oils internally, they’re too strong.
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Where might I find this carrot oil and is it used?


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