What Are Essential Oils?

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Essential oils are the very breath of L's Naturals products. When I create a new product I always start with the oils. Essential oils are aromatic molecules extracted from plants through distillation. Lately I've been on a lemongrass kick. I diffuse it. I love the tea. I thought body wash. Lemongrass has a fresh, lemony scent. I chose marjoram for its sweet scent and clary sage because of it earthy aroma to accompany the lemongrass and wow! The oils blended together perfectly and Calm, my new body wash was born. I think of showering as an aromatic experience. You think you're in an herb garden when showering hence, the experience.  My customers love my body wash they always tell me it does not last long, I smile because they are experiencing an aromatic explosion. You keep lathering because the essential oils are doing their job, giving your sense of smell a workout!

We are drawn to natural aromas. Cinnamon and clove reminds us of Christmas. Lavender has a calming effect. Peppermint is uplifting. I bathe with Mintilicious body wash in the mornings, it's invigorating, helps get your day started. Cedar and juniper reminds us of  a long walk in the woods. Rose oil takes us back to our grandmothers garden. Lemon reminds of summer, drinking lemonade on the back porch. The aromas from basil and sage tell us a great Italian dish is on its way.   


Chamomile scent favors fall green apples.The scent of lime stand out strong, a top shelf margarita comes to mind. This is why you stayed in the shower a little longer than expected or you've use a little too much body butter or sprayed a little too much Lavender Mist. It's the many benefits that these natural aroma exude. So stay tuned the different synergies of aroma's are limitless. I know we'll have one especially for you!


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