Collection: Handmade Bar Soaps by AromaAngie

Hello to all the beautiful people, you know who you are! I have great news, I'm learning to make natural soap. I made my first batch Jan. 25, 2017. A basic recipe lye/lard/water. I added lavender and sweet orange essential oils to scent it. I was so excited. I use the cold process method, I waited 4 long weeks for it to cure. I packaged it, took a million pictures and forgot to put the name of the soap on the labels. I'm off to a great start, right? I love it, I want to make soap every day. Stayed tuned, I have a feeling that this is going to be a very interesting journey, the art and science of making soap. I made a new year resolution about 5 years ago to create my own soap line, I feel so accomplished (sarcasm). I know, the beautiful people would know that. And I have the audacity to call myself a soap maker after making 6 batches since January 25th and launch this new line. I'm claiming it! I feel really good about my new adventure. But I must say before closing if it were not for my hand blender I could not make soap. How did our great-great grandmothers do it? It would take all day. Stay tuned.........Thanks for shopping at L's Boutique!