Collection: Botanical Perfumes

Natural perfumery is the art of blending fragrant ingredients of natural origin to create aesthetically pleasing natural fragrance compounds used to fragrance a full range of industry products from fine perfume to personal and household products. The natural fragrance compound is the aromatic foundation for fragrant natural products and natural fragrance products... Natural Perfumers Guild

My perfumes are made through the maceration process. I infuse botanical raw materials, flowers, bark leaves, resin, twigs, roots, rind, seeds etc into alcohols and jojoba oil. Many plants are grown in my home garden. Currently I'm working on a fragrance using lemon verbena. The aroma from the leaves is so very fragrant, it's a crisp uplifting lemony aroma. I will never use synthetic materials in my botanical fragrances. At L's we're keeping nature alive! My fragrances are created from natural plant materials and I always consider the effect of the mind, body, and spirit when creating them. It's my pledge to you, my dear customers.