Collection: Infused Herbal Oils

Introducing L's Naturals Infused Herbal Oils

I'm so excited to finally introduce my infused herbal oils. Infused herbal oils are made in small batches using herbs from my very own garden. Most infusions are solar, they have the best seat in the house( morning sun). I also use the heat method, it works great for infusing vanilla beans and resins. Most of my herbs are infused in extra virgin olive oil, sometimes I also use unrefined coconut and sweet almond oils. I use my macerated oils in my natural products and there are many uses for these oils : body oils, hair conditioners, massage oils, in the kitchen using your best culinary skills. The uses are limitless.

The garden changes from year to year, you never know what surprises may come. This year the show stopper is the German Chamomile. All I could see was salves, lotions, creams, butters and tea of course. Currently the lemon basil is drying waiting for it's next infusion. It's going to make a fantastic salad dressing. 

As the season change I'll add new herbal oils. Keep checking back I may have your favorite herbal oil in stock.

Aromatically yours,