Collection: Luxurious Body Butters

L's most popular handmade body butter is Lavender. Our customers insist on lavender butter, so I had to come up with a formula that would challenge me also. I've added some of my favorite essential oils that blends perfectly with lavandula angustifolia (LAVENDER). My butters are whipped and blended to perfection, African Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil melts into the skin, as it protects and moisturizes. Our handmade body butters are made in small batches so they slightly vary from batch to batch. Althought Spike Lavender is my favorite, I blend Lavender Seville, French, Lavandin and True Lavender. The scent is truely amazing.  Our butters last forever because, a little goes a long way! As with most of my natural products.




Lavender and Orange

Lavender and Bay

Lemongrass and Lavender

Lavender and Lime

Lavender and Frankincense